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Privacy Policy

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website here at (hereby called "Site"). The Site is the online property of along with it's partner companies. (" hereby called "we" or "us").

In order to comply with the state of California Financial Privacy Act along with the Vermont Consumer Protection Act, 8 V.S.A. 10202, if you are a California or Vermont resident who does not wish to have your personal data disclosed to any other third party representatives in order to market, do reply to us in an email at [email protected] along with your email address and you will be opted out. Please note that when Vermont or California residents choose to opt-out from disclosing their information, will still be able to acquire selected offers from us,which comply with the law. IS NOT COVERED BY THE HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT OF 1996 or HIPAA. This Privacy policy (hereby called "Privacy Policy" highlights the privacy practices affiliated with the Site. You are agreeing with this Privacy Policy, in it's totality, if you do the following: (a) utilize or accessing of the Site; (b) register on the Site to acquire data, services and/or products from any third party suppliers (hereby called "Third Party Providers"); and/or (c) obtaining, any services and/or products. In order to comply with California's Financial AND PROTECTIVE SECURITY AFFORDED TO CLIENTELE/PATIENTS UNDER THE HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT OF 1996 IS NOT INITIATED OR INVOLVED IN THIS PRIVACY POLICY.

Collecting Data That Identifies With You

We are responsible for collecting data at the time of your registration on the Site to acquire data, services, products and/or Third Party suppliers and/or obtaining or attempts to acquire, any services or products. We may also gather your personal identifiable data when you decide to agree with the terms highlighted in this Privacy Policy, but fail to complete the implemented registration process in totality. The different types of identifiable data that we gather on the Site include, without any limits: (a) your entire legal name: (b) postal mailing address; (c) email address; (d) work, residence, and mobile numbers, (e) who you intended the policy to benefit; (f) what dollar figure would you want on the policy; (g) what duration of time would you like to establish for the policy's term; (h) have you been using tobacco in the last year; (i) date of birth; (j) weight and height; (k) certain questions in regards to your medical history; and (l) total information that is requested on the registered application form. In accordance with this Agreement, item (k) in the preceding sentence should be considered "Sensitive Data."

Usage of Personal Identity Data

When submitting your personal data on the Site, you are agreeing that we can freely share such personal data which includes Sensitive Data with Third Party suppliers in order to finish your requesting for specific services and/or providers that you may have put in an application in for at the Site (hereby called "Featured Products") from such Third Party suppliers, and that they may utilize personal data for any lawful purpose, which is subject to any limitations from this point forth. Any data that you give to any Third Party suppliers shall be in accordance and applicable by Third Party supplies' Privacy Policy. Please note, that is not a provider of Featured Products or any of it's related services and products. The ultimate conditions and terms for any Featured Products that are provided by any Third Party Providers must be governed by the Third Party suppliers.

We are authorized to lease, sell, rent or otherwise give the personal data that you give to us (outside of the Sensitive Data) to any third party and we may work along with other enterprises to supply chosen retail opportunities to our clients. These enterprises and third parties may consist of, but are not limited to (a) suppliers of direct marketing applications and services, which include reference and lookup, enhancement of data, validation and suppression; (b) email marketing; (c) telemarketing (where permitting by the appropriate law); (d) SMS or text-based marketing (where it is allowed by law) and (e) direct marketing.

We may also incorporate other enterprises to perform specific actions on behalf. Specific examples include sending both electronic and direct mail, removing copies of data from other compiled user lists, assessing data and yielding market analysis. The representatives who perform these limited actions on behalf of us will have accessibility to our client's personal data if needed to perform their actions for us but we can not allow the to use your personal data for other uses. Additionally, we will utilize your personal data for measuring customer service, which will offer you data that you may require, to accommodate your experience on the Site and/or to contact you if necessary for your various transactions and activity on the Site. Also we will utilize your personal data for our own internal unique business purposes, such as assessing and management of our business. We may also solidify the data we have collected about you with data from other resources. We may utilize third parties to assist us with operating our business and the Site or to monitor any activities on behalf of us.

Additionally we also hold the right to disclose recent or past user data the event arises where we see that the user is utilizing or has utilizes our services, products and/or (i) in violation of the Site's Conditions and Terms, this Privacy Policy along with other our operation policies, rules, price scheduling along with other additional terms and conditions or documentation that we may publish every so often. (ii) committing illegal acts; (iii) if any data is subpoenaed or pursued to a regulation inquiry or judicial proceeding; (iv) if we acquired or sold; and/or (v) when we see it as proper or necessary consisting, without limits, disclosure of your email address along with other third parties for the purposes for suppression in order to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 as added every so often, and Federal Trade Commission including regulations. Without limits the future general laws are as follows, we hold the right to sell, disclose, rent, lease and/or otherwise distribution all personal data along with/to any of the third party for the purposes and all usage permitted by the Privacy Policy and laws that are applicable. Through the registration at the Site, you are agreeing that such act establishes a question and/or application for reasons of the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule as added every so often (hereby called "Rule") and applied to state Do-Not-Call listings, we hold the right to reach you through telemarketing along with the Rule and any other affiliated state do-not-call rules and regulations.

Additionally, when you submit your personal data at the Site, you are are agreeing to acquire mobile device marketing, without limits to, text messaging marketing, from our third party advertisers and marketing team (where, at the extent of legal marketing). Also, notwithstanding that the telephone number associated with your mobile device may be on the listing and/or state/or federal Do-Not-Call registration boards, we hold the right to reach you through text-message based marketing along with applicable federal and state laws. Furthermore, you agree that we hold the right to sell, disclose, rent, lease and/or give out your mobile number and other associated mobile device data with/to any third party for any total non-marketing usage which is allowed by this Privacy Policy and any laws.

Identification Which Is Non-Personal

We may gather specific non-personal identification data in relation to you when you visit any pages of the Site. The non-personal identifiable data consisting of but without limitation, the unique type of browser you are utilizing (i.e., Netscape, Internet Explorer), your IP address, the unique type of operating system you are utilizing (i.e., Mac or Windows OS) along with the domain name of your ISP or internet service provider. (i.e., Earthlink, AT&T) We utilize the non-personal identification data that we are collecting to upgrade the design and content of the Site and to allow us to uniquely personalize your online experience. We may utilize this data in the aggregation to assess utilization of the Site, along with offering you services and products. We also hold the right to utilize grouped data about our site visitors for all legal purposes. Grouped data is information that describes the target demographics, usage/or identifiable traits of our visitors as a group. By visiting and/or supplying your personal data at the Site, you are agreeing to give us permission to provide such grouped data to third parties.


When a visitor comes to the Site, we will send a file called a cookie and/or a gif image file (hereby called "Cookie"), to give an sporadic, unique identification mark to the most applicable visitor's browser. A Cookie is a small piece of information that is saved on your hard drive and contains non-personal identifiable data about you. Cookies have many benefits to upgrade your enjoyment of the Site. In order to find out additional information about Cookies, please visit In order to disable and reject specific Cookies, you must adhere to the instructions associated with your Internet browser. Even if a user rejects a Cookie, they may utilize the Promotion Website. holds the right to keep Cookie information indefinitely.

Third Party Hyperlinks

The Website may consist of hyperlinks from other third-party affiliates that they own or control. may transfer you directly to the websites owned by Third Party Providers. is obligated to the private practices or the content of websites like this. In some situations, it is mandatory that you give specific data in order to register or finish a transaction at specific website. These websites have a unique and separate collection of data practices and is not responsible or liable to these practices. We are not responsible nor do we endorse the accurate nature of the privacy policies and/or conditions and terms of this type of website. Any such third party entities are free third party entities and therefore are not affiliated with us.

Offers of Third Parties gives it's visitors and end-users the opportunity to receive specialized offers, services and/or products from third party vendors. Where you are indicating the desire to receive certain products, offers, and services from a third party during the appropriate application information process, you personally identify data that was given during that data gathering process which will be shared with the applicable third party, so that such third parties may give their product or service to you and so that you aren't required to complete another collection form to buy or acquire that product or service.


When you are submitting personal identifiable data to us at the Site, you have opted-in to inquire that we disclose your personal data with third parties to acquire marketing channels. When being contacted by any of these enterprises or third party vendors, you should directly inform them with your selected options regarding their usage and sharing of your data. To opt-out of including your data disclosed with third parties, please promptly email us at [email protected]. In order to prevent yourself from acquiring any further email from please email us at [email protected] should hold a uniquely separate email listing for different issues that may arise.


We are not allowed to knowingly gather data from minors who are under 18 years of age. There is no data that should be given to or posted at the Site by individuals under 18 years of age. We will encourage any guardians or parents to invest time on the internet along with their children, in an effort to both monitor and actively participate with their children's internet activities.


All gathered information is stored in a technical and physical private location. When our applicable/registration process asking users to enter Sensitive Data, and when we add and transfer such Sensitive Data, it's encrypted and protected with SSL private software. While we utilize SSL privacy to protect Sensitive Data online, we are also doing everything we can to give the user the ultimate protection of their data off-line. Unfortunately, no information transmission online can be established as 100% percent secure. As a result we focus on protecting your personal data, we are not able to ensure the security measures of any data you transfer to us, therefore you will do this at your own risk. At the moment we have your transmission, we make reasonable efforts to make sure it's secure on our machines. Getting access to this data is very limited and therefore not accessible publicly. All of our visitor's information, not just Sensitive Information, is limited in our offices. Only employees who could use the information to do a certain job are given access to the personal data. Our staff are dedicated to making sure that the confidentiality and security of all user data. Any staff that is not following our firm policies are subject to a strict action. In order to comply with specific federal and state laws, we will inform you and related regulation agent in the event that we find out about a data security breach with respect to your private data. You will be informed by email communications if there were such a breach arising. Please note that the email may be delayed in order to address the requirements of law enforcement, determining the range of networking damaging and to become involved in remedial measures.

Privacy Policy Changes

We hold the sole right to change, modify add or completely delete parts of the Privacy Policy at any time without notice. All Privacy Policy updates will take place immediately when they are posted on the Site. Make sure to check the Site periodically for any updates. Your continued usage of the Site and/or accepting of our email interactions follow the posted changes of this Privacy Policy will establish your approval and acceptance any and all updates.
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