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Compliance of This Agreement
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Use of Services on the Website and Access In accordance with the terms and conditions in this Agreement and Privacy Policy, we can offer you a variety of different services through or on the Website (our "Services"). The governing terms and conditions of these Services is here and set forth:

• Your Responsibility Concerning the Integrity of Your Information. In order to access the Service on the Website, it may be required of you to provide certain information about yourself ("Your Information"). When you give us Your Information you agree that you are providing us with current, true, and completely accurate information. You also agree you will not make any attempts to misrepresent your information and identity. You further agree to keep Your Information up to date by accessing the Website and updating Your Information in the event of a change. Our use, disclosure and collection of Your Information is solely governed by this Agreement and the Privacy Policy on this Website.

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• We Must Be Notified in the Event of a Breach. If you have information that your account was accessed by an unauthorized third party by way of your password, if any service or product was accessed or unauthorized in your account, or if that resulted in a violation to any of the terms of this Agreement, by sending and email to [email protected]

• Your Financial Decisions are Your Responsibility. Through this Website, our affiliates and we provide a venue whereas you can access information concerning third party providers, including financial institutions, insurance brokers, mortgage companies, credit card providers and many other types of insurance professionals ("Service Providers"). In no way do we endorse or ever recommend the services or the products of any of these Service Providers. We are not responsible to confirm or validate the certification and or licensing requirements of these Service Providers. You agree that is solely your responsibility to research these Service Providers on your own. You further agree that any product or service that the aforementioned Service Providers offer are the responsibility of those Service Providers. Us, our employees, shareholders, agents, contractors, representatives, and all affiliates can not be held liable for any costs, losses, claims or damages that are in connection with or related to the use of a Service Provider's service and product. Seek the advice of a financial consultant, broker, or qualified persons in those fields that can better advise you on important financial decisions that you need to make.

• You Agree and Acknowledge We Are Not Service Providers. This company is not a Service Provider, insurance provider or financial institution. Through this Website we can offer you the ability to connect with Service Providers that can meet your needs based on the information that you provided us in your registration. We will not make or can not make and credit or coverage decision with a Service Provider that was referred to you. Our company does not issue credit cards, mortgages or any financial products.

• We Can Not Guarantee Services, Coverage, Rates, Terms, Quotes or Fees. Our company does not make any claims or warranties in regards to Services, coverage, rates, terms, quotes or fees that are offered to you by Service Providers. We further make no claims on our Website that the Services, coverage, rates, terms, quotes or fees being offered to you are the best available. You can not hold us, our employees, shareholders, agents, contractors, representatives, and all affiliates responsible.

• We Do Not Collect Fees. We do not charge fees to use this Website unless you are a Service Provider. Those Service providers pay us a fee for matching them with users who are in close relation to the services they offer. We have no interest in the collection of fees that are made in agreement between you and a Service Provider. Your compensation arrangement is an agreement that you agree to with the Service Provider. You release this company of any costs, losses, damages or claims that arise from your use of the Service Providers product or service including any and all fees that they may charge you.

• Offer and Quote Requests. Our Website may provide you with the opportunity to be matched with a Service Provider for a quote or a service ("Match Request"). Sections of the Website affording these opportunities ("Match Request Areas") are only available for people residing in the United States, and in some cases may not be available in all states.

o Our affiliates and our company can not guarantee that you will be matched to a Service Provider when you complete a Match Request.
o Whether you make an incomplete or a complete Request, you further agree that all the information you provided in relation to your Match Request can be used as per our Privacy Policy. Not limiting the Privacy Policy, you allow any Service Providers, third party providers and their affiliates to proceed with any necessary research of your information, including accessing your credit history, for the purpose of fulfilling your Match Request.
o When you make a Match Request, you are authorizing Service Providers to contact you by email, telephone and fax at the numbers and addresses that you provided during your Match Request. These contacts will be used for the purpose of providing you with products, services and rate quotes that you requested in the Match Request. You further give consent that these Service Providers can call you even if you have previously made requests to be placed on a "Do Not Call" listing. You also allow these Service Providers to have recorded call s that are meant to be reminders of deadlines or issues concerning your match Request.
o It is your responsibility to comply with any laws or regulations that are in connection with the product or service provided by any Service Provider.

Whenever you make a request for a quote on this Website, you are agreeing to be contacted by those insurance companies, the agents of that company, this Website and any partner companies at the contact information you provided. The companies that you agree can contact you include the following, but are not limited to 21st Century Insurance, AAA Insurance Co., Allied, Allstate Insurance, American Family Insurance, American National Insurance, Amica Insurance, Cotton States Insurance, Country Financial, Erie Insurance Company, Esurance, Farm Bureau, Farmers Insurance, GEICO, GMAC Insurance, Infinity Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Mercury, Metropolitan Insurance Co., Nationwide, Progressive Insurance, SAFECO, Sentry Insurance Company, Shelter Insurance Company, State Farm, The Hartford, The Hartford AARP, Travelers Insurance Company, Unitrin Direct, and USAA.

The Payments and Fees
The use of and access of this Website are free. We can decide to offer a fee for any premium services we offer o this Website, and those fees will be clearly brought to your attention. We also may notify you on this Website if we have a change of policy and begin charging access to the Website. We may remove or add and change any feature or service that is currently offered on this Website at any time. When we offer a new service, we will notify you of any fees for that particular service at the beginning of a new service. If we formally notify you that a service is going to be provided for a fee, you agree to pay those fees and taxes if you would like to continue using the Website and the applicable service.

The Public Forum
Through the use of blogs, messaging, chat rooms and other forums, (collectively "Forums"), this Website can act as a venue for users to contribute personal information and make any statements ("User Generated Content"). Our Website is not to be held responsible for the transmissions of the User Generated Content on any of the Forums. You further acknowledge and agree that this Website has no control over the accuracy, quality, truth, safety, or correctness of the User Generated Content that is posted by you or any person in the Forums. You agree to not hold us, our employees, shareholders, agents, contractors, representatives, and all affiliates liable for any inaccuracies. User Generated Content can be posted in Forums that is hurtful, offensive and inaccurate. We are not responsible to review posts made in User Generated Content. We do have the right however to remove any content in the Forums. If you experience an issue with a poster or a comment in the Forum, please send a message with your concern to [email protected]

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The following can not be submitted, posted or transmitted to the Website:
• Anything that infringes patent, copyright, trademark or proprietary rights; • Any information that is found to violate any statute, law, regulation and ordinance; • Any libelous information or unlawfully harassing and threatening; • Any information that contains viruses, Trojans, trap or back doors, worms, time bombs, Easter eggs, cancel bots or any coding containing properties designed to damage, interfere or intercept personal information; • Chain letter, political campaigning letters, or any type of spamming • False or misleading information; • Advertisements without written permission from this Website • Trademarked and Copyrighted information

In accordance with the Privacy Policy we reserve the right to review any submissions or transmissions made by you, so we can be assured that you are in compliance with all the policies set forth in this Agreement. You are responsible for all the transmissions and or submissions that are made on your behalf.

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Use of Content by You
This Website grants you a limited license to print, access, download and use the Content or Collective Work for your personal use such as: (i) a machine readable copy; (ii) a backup copy; and (iii) a non-commercial print copy, provided you do not delete any material in regard to the foregoing manifestations in Content and Collective Work.
You are not given permission to modify or alter any Content or the Collective Work. You can not use the Content or the Collective Work for commercial purposes and or for sale, rental, public display, or attempt to disable the Content or the Collective Work. You may not transfer the Content or the Collective Work to another entity. In accordance with copyright laws of the United States, no other distribution, copying, redistribution, publication, transmission, and use other that a non-commercial use, i permitted by this Agreement. You must have own express written permission to when it comes to distribution, copying, redistribution, publication, transmission of any of the Content or the Collective Work on this Website. You are not allowed to use any meta tags, meta descriptions, meta titles and any hidden text that makes use of our name or trademarks again without first notifying us and getting our written permission.

Interference and Accessibility
This Website does contain robot exclusion headers. You must agree that in order to access this website you will not make use of any spiders, robots, scrapers or similar data and information gathering tools. algorithms and programs to copy or acquire and monitor this Website or any section of this Website and its pages without the written permission of this Website and can be withheld at the discretion of this Website. You further agree that you won't: (i) take any action against this Website or load the Websites infrastructure, (ii) reproduce, copy, modify or make any derivative work, (iii) try to interfere with the normal workings of this Website in any way or attempt to stop the activities that are normally conducted on this Website; or (iv) try to trick or get passed the robot headers or any other attempts we use to restrict certain access to this Website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we do allow the spiders of public search engines to crawl and copy any information from the website for the purpose of creating publicly available information. We can at any time we deem necessary revoke this exception in specific or general cases. You are not given permission to harvest or attempt to collect any information from the Website including the names of accounts, from this Website. You are not given permission to use any Forum emails or other tools on this Website for the purpose of solicitation. You are not given permission to try and contact any users of this Website without first contacting us and receiving our written permission. This permission can be withheld at our discretion.

Electronic Communication
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Third Party Link
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Counter Notification Notice
Title 17, United States Code, Section 512(g)(3), says that a user or subscriber may counter a notification by sending us a written communication ("Counter Notification")to the agent that we have designated and includes the following information:
1. Electronic or physical signature of the Subscriber 2. Identifying the material that has been removed, or where access has been limited and or disabled.
3.A statement from the Subscriber under the penalty of perjury that a good faith effort made in relation to the material removed or disables was a direct result of a mistake or being misidentified.
4. Subscriber must submit name, telephone number and address, and a written statement they consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court. This applies to the judicial district in which the address is located at. If the location of the address is outside of the United States, the Subscriber must be willing to accept service of process.
5. We will promptly give the Complaining Party a copy of that counter notification.
6. The Complaining Party must be notified we will be attempting to remove the information within 10 business days.
7. The information that has been removed will be replaced or we will cease disabling access to that removed material between 10 and 14 days from the time the Counter Notification was received. This is all in accordance with the fact the Complaining Party has not filed any actions in court restraining the Subscriber from activity that related to the removal on this system or network.

No Representation or Warranties Concerning Content The services and all the content on this Website and products that are associated with this Website are given to you the user, on an as-is basis and as-available basis. This Website makes no warranties or representations of any kind, that are either implied or expressed, concerning the overall operations of this Website and or all the content, information, materials, products, and all services associated and included with this Website. As the user of this Website you agree that you utilize all the products and services at your own risk. This Website can not and does not make any types of warranties, representations, guarantees, that are implied and or expressed, concerning the overall accuracy, completeness and correctness of all the content, products and or services that are in association with this Website. We are not responsible for the reliability, merchantability, conformity, title, safety or fitness for the purpose of the content, products and or services that can be associated with this Website. When you access this Website, you are solely responsible to have evaluated all the accuracy, completeness and correctness of any content, products and or services offered within. This Website has not nor will ever make any representations that any of the content, products and or services available for download are free from trojans, viruses, worms, Easter eggs, back doors, trap doors, and any other type of malicious coding that can infect your system. This Website and affiliates do not make any warranties or representations and guarantees, either implied or expressed, that are in direct relation to any quotes or offers that you may have been provided through the Website. Without limiting the forgoing, you agree and acknowledge that this Website is not a financial institution, insurance provider or financial institution. Through this Website we can offer you the ability to connect with Service Providers that can meet your needs based on the information that you provided us in your registration. We will not make or can not make and credit or coverage decision with a Service Provider that was referred to you. Our company does not issue credit cards, mortgages or any financial products.

The Content on this Website is solely provided to you, the user, to help you and assist in the decision making process when it comes to your finances. The Content is posted to cover a wide scope and is not directly intended considering your specific financial situation. We highly recommend that you acquire the services of a professional financial adviser who can guide you and instruct you on your specific financial needs. We offer this Website to you from our company within the United States of America. There are no claims made on this Website that provide use for other jurisdictions.

If you access this Website from a jurisdiction outside of the United States of America, you do that by your own volition and must abide by the laws governing that location.

Liability Limitations
We are not responsible in any way, or liable to you in any way, or a third party, in contract, warranty or otherwise for any damages, including but not limited to incidental, indirect, special, indirect or consequential damages including but not limited to the loss of profit, business or revenue, being a direct or indirect result of the following: (i) your direct breach of the terms and conditions of this Agreement; (ii) the access and use of this Website; (iii) your delay or inability to access this Website; (iv) information that you downloaded from this Website; (v) your intended reliance on work or content from this Website; (vi)software, information, Content or Collective Work that came from this Website in whole or in part that was obtained from a breach of contract, negligence, liability and or otherwise, even after the suppliers of this Website had bee previously notified of the possibility of the damages. The liability of this Website, its affiliates, representatives, agents, employees, contractors and any other type of agent arising from this Agreement, shall not exceed $100.00. You hereby specifically acknowledge we can not be help liable for any user generated content and or illegal and offensive conduct of a third party that can cause risk of damage and harm from that Content. This risk falls entirely on you . You and we also agree any causes of action that arise from or related to this website must commence no later than 1 year after that cause of action has accrued. Once the full calendar year has passed, any cause of action will be deemed permanently barred. Be sure to check with your state concerning laws and limitations on the subject of implied warranties and the exclusion or limiting of certain damages. If these certain state laws do apply to you, some or all of the previous exclusions, disclaimers and limitations will not apply to you.

Your Indemnification of This Website and Us

You agree that you shall indemnify, defend and hold this company and website harmless, including our employees, shareholders, agents, contractors, representatives, and all affiliates from and or against any and all claims or expenses that include but are not limited to any attorney fees and costs that arise from (i) a breach or violation to this Agreement by you the user; (ii) your inability to provide a complete and accurate representation of the information that was requested of you; (iii) you use and or access to this website; (iv) the access or ability to access this Website by way of the password you were issued; (v) your postings, transmissions and submissions or User Generated Content); and (vi) any property damage or personal injury that was caused by you.

The Amendments to this Agreement
We the Website employees, shareholders, agents, contractors, representatives, and all affiliates reserve the right to change, amend, update this Agreement we decide without giving any notice of the changes. The updates to this Agreement will be posted here on this page when they take place. All amendments to this Website are to be effective immediately, once they are posted on this page. You should make frequent visits to this website to ensure that you are current on any changes that are deemed necessary to be made to the Agreement. When you access this agreement, you will be able to see the date the Agreement was last amended. If you continue to access this website following any postings on this Agreement, that will be an automatic admission of your acceptance to the changes that have been implemented. You should understand that these changes will not be published or emailed to users, and your due diligence regarding frequenting this Agreement is advised.

The Remedies
If this Agreement is not specifically enforced than you agree we may be irreparably damaged, and the damages at the law would have to be considered an inadequate remedy. In the event that a breach of any section of this Agreement by you takes place, we must be entitled to, in addition to all the remedies and rights, to the injunction restraining such a breach, without the need to show any actual damage, and or to a decree for the provisions on this Agreement. Concerning this section, you further agree any actions proceeding with regards to an injunction restraining a real or threatened breach, must be brought to the courts of record in Union County, NJ, or the United States District Court, Southern District of New Jersey. Your consent concerning this matter and you waive any objections to the laying of the venue of the proceeding in such a court. You further agree the service of a court paper can be affected on the party by mail or in a manner that is acceptable by the laws of that area.

Arbitration and Governing Law
You further agree that (i) this Website is deemed based in the State of NJ, and (ii) you agree this Website is deemed a passive Website that can not give rise to personal injunction over us, our employees, shareholders, agents, contractors, representatives, and all affiliates, in general or specifically in any other jurisdiction other than in New Jersey.

All laws of this Agreement are to be governed by and in accordance with New Jersey, with no regard for conflicts of any laws. If there is any claim, dispute, action or proceeding that arises out of this Agreement, except for an injunction regarding a breach of this Agreement, shall be considered final and not withstanding arbitration under the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association in Union County, New Jersey.

You therefore do not have the opportunity to appear in court to assert and defend your rights, and you agree to give up your rights to participate in or bring on any class actions. You also agree that by using this Website you consent to the following restrictions:
You and us, our employees, shareholders, agents, contractors, representatives, and all affiliates shall select an arbitrator, however if an agreement can not be reached within a 30 day period after the letter of arbitration was served, than the American Arbitration Association will decide on the arbitrator. This arbitration will not proceed until until the parties that have requested the arbitration deposit one thousand American dollars with the selected arbitrator for their fees and costs. The party that has suggested the arbitration must advance money from time to time to pay for any and all costs or arbitrators continuing fees until the party that prevails in the case has been determined and an agreement in writing has been reached delegating who is responsible for those fees. The award that is finally rendered by the arbitrator is final and can not be reopened. This award is binding and conclusive upon us and your respective employees, shareholders, agents, contractors, representatives, executors, legal representation and all affiliates. Notwithstanding, neither you nor we shall ever be entitled to any punitive damages, special damages, indirect damages and or consequential damages. WE both agree to waive your and our respective rights to any punitive damages, special damages, indirect damages and or consequential damages, not limited to any damages for loss of revenue, loss of business and loss of profit.

In the event that a dispute does arise and the provisions set forth by the arbitration become inapplicable, or in the event any lawsuit that you and or we between us, the jurisdiction over such a venue shall be entertained in the state and federal courts sitting in Union County, New Jersey.

Miscellaneous Amendments to this Agreement You agree that if any portion of this Agreement is considered unlawful, unenforceable or void, by any arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction, this entire Agreement must be considered unlawful, unenforceable or void. Only the portion of this Agreement that is deemed unlawful, unenforceable or void must be stricken from this Agreement. The headings of this Agreement are for reference and for convenience only. The headers are not to be considered a part of this Agreement at all. The headers of this Agreement can not limit or have an adverse affect in any way on the meaning and the interpretation of this entire Agreement. You further agree that all the covenants, all the agreements, all the representations, and all the warranties that are made in this Agreement, that can also be amended by this company from time to time when deemed necessary, must survive your acceptance of this entire Agreement and then the inevitable termination of this Agreement. The Agreement and the Privacy Policy both represent a complete understanding and the agreement between us and you in concern with all the subject matter, and hereby supersede any other and all previous understandings and agreements and or representations of the same.

Concerning this Agreement, the Privacy Policy and the Website, if you have any concerns or any questions, any comments or any positive or negative feedback, please feel free to contact us directly via any of the contact information set forth below:
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