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When to Switch Insurers

If you have stayed loyal to your current insurance provider for a decade or more, you might assume that you are receiving the best rates. While loyalty does pay off in some cases, it is always in your best interest to compare auto insurance rates from time to time so that you can pay the lowest rates for the highest possible limits. In the past, insurance comparison shopping involved spending hours on the phone or days commuting from agent's office to agent's office to retrieve price quotes. In today's modern age, you can complete comparison shopping in less than an hour from the comforts of your own home.

You do not need to price shop insurance rates on a daily basis because rates do not change overnight. In most cases, rate changes by every insurance company must be filed with the state and approved before the insurer can enforce a rate increase or a new rating method. If your goal is to find the most competitive rates, there are specific times when you should request quotes from agencies or brokers. Here are the best times to compare rates from leading providers to find competitively priced coverage:

Moving to a New City or State

Did you know that you cannot simply change your address with your agent when you move out of state? If you move to a new state and your vehicle will be registered in the state, you must change your policy to meet the guidelines set by state officials. Because of this, it is a good idea to request quotes from several providers when you are in the process of moving. Rates can vary dramatically by zip code because of population and crime in the area. Be sure that the insurer you choose is dedicated to setting a fair rate based on your new zip code.

Change of Employment

When you take a new job, several different rating factors on your policy may change. Many people are not aware of the fact that they should call their agent to let them know when they start commuting to work. If you are commuting less, you may be able to save off of premiums. If you have taken a tele-commute position, your rates can go down because vehicle usage and mileage has changed. Start quoting your coverage from several companies before you decide to stay with your current company.

Buying a New Car

Premiums are based on how much it costs to repair or replace your vehicle. If your premiums for a new car seem high, it is time to discuss your options with other providers. Make sure you quote every vehicle in your household with a new carrier so that you qualify for multi-car discounts.

Marriage or Domestic Partnership

After you make it official, it is time to start unifying everything. Combining your insurance with your spouse can save you quite a bit of money. Consider switching to their insurer, or quote insurance from separate insurers.

As a consumer, you have the right to choose which provider you want to cover you while you are on the road. It may seem convenient to just pay your premiums, but the convenience will cost you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Save money the convenient way and start getting quotes so that you can lower your premiums without lowering your limits.

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